At age 18 I was diagnosed with cancer, and have spent the past five years in the ebb and flow of it’s battle.  Most would consider this horrific and devastating.  Sure, it can be. But for those who survive, it’s life changing. I am surviving. For me cancer is a blessing.

I learned about my own morality close to the time I was allowed to buy lottery tickets. In my 4 years at Pepperdine University, somehow I managed to battle cancer, play division 1 volleyball at a top 25 ranked team in the nation, and graduate magna cum laude.  I learned more in the years since than most learn in a lifetime, and while I still have the chance to affect my life for the better.  I hope to inspire others with the lessons learned. This blog is the first step in my goal to publish a book to help others who may be going through the same thing.

My journey, friends, and family inspire me to lead a more meaningful life. I hope to inspire you to find the meaning in your own life.