This is for my family…

I’ll remember visiting you as a kid, riding in you White ’93 Explorer chewing Double Bubble piece after piece. I’ll remember the hot Augusts spent with Kelley, Hannah, and Jack out in the pool. I’ll remember the skits we’d put on while dancing to Britney Spears in your bedroom. I’ll remember your affinity for Wedgewood. I’ll remember you teaching me how to knit, and how I picked out the gaudiest yarn in the store. I’ll remember the 75+ hours you spent knitting my purple afghan I begged you for. I’ll remember Salvador Molly’s, and your love for their coconut rice and jerked chicken. I’ll remember the rack of lamb that ended up on your white coat at my graduation dinner. I’ll remember your and Gramma McCourt’s inappropriate comments too. I’ll remember you telling my friends and I to go to sleep at my 10-year-old birthday slumber party. I’ll remember your Christmas gifts, wrapped in gold paper and red wire bows. I’ll remember your beautiful cursive. I’ll remember your Mexican room, and trying to find stuff to put in it. I’ll remember the hot summer nights, sleeping with the widow open and hearing the breeze. I’ll remember the squirrel who’d run the wire and steal nuts from the tree. I’ll remember the yellow jackets that would find their way into the pool. I remember Hannah throwing sand to illuminate the spider webs in your backyard. I’ll remember riding our Razor scooters down Admiral. I’ll remember riding our suitcases on the iced street too. I’ll remember the merry go round at Kelly Park. I’ll remember our trips to Hollywood video. I’ll remember your “fancy” Internet TV. I’ll remember how I tried to steal your fashionable Tommy Hilfiger shirt. I’ll remember giving you that God-awful purple Tahoe oversized sleep shirt too.  I’ll remember your iced tea, your hot tea, your lemon tapioca pudding with crème – two pans, one for Dad, one for the rest of us. I’ll remember your French toast, with real maple syrup. I’ll remember your melon salad, Cornish game hens, and killer chicken salad. I’ll remember our love for all things that sparkle. I’ll remember you calling yourself part gypsy. I’ll remember your obsession with getting your new skylight in the redesigned kitchen. I’ll remember you always cursing your “horrible” hair. I’ll remember your horse shampoo. I’ll remember the giant bible in the dark hallway. I’ll remember Mabencha. I’ll remember me tapping you on the head once I surpassed your height. I’ll remember you shopping at Gap kids, fitting into the boy’s jeans.  I’ll remember calling you because Mom made me ask you what horny meant. I’ll remember Gramma Carmelita’s house, and your love for the ocean, sailing, and Tales of Balboa. I’ll remember your cackle. I’ll remember you calling me baby-doll. I’ll remember when you taught me how to tap dance, and we’d practice in the garage. I’ll remember when you were vibrant and weren’t sick. I’ll remember you forever because you’re my gramma and I love you.

Gramma passed peacefully at 7:50am this morning with my Mom, Dad and Aunt by her bedside.

I will remember you.