Donum of vita means “the gift of life.”  I’ve been given a gift to live.  I’ve been given the gift to survive. I’ve been given the gift to appreciate life so early in my journey upon it.

This week a dear friend inspired me, to start something I’ve been putting off for well near two years now.  A few days ago my “the world is black and white,” analytical, “let’s get the facts,” rational friend wrote something profoundly moving. She shared how my struggle with cancer affected her to view her own life. She shared how holding my hand at doctor’s appointments gave her the courage to bring balance to her life.

So in honor of this factious friend, I’ll begin this first post with some facts about me:

  • At age 18, I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer
  • I underwent surgery #1 a week later in August 2004
  • I underwent treatment #1 in October of 2004
  • I underwent treatment #2 in October of 2005
  • I underwent treatment #3 in November of 2008
  • I underwent surgery #2 in August of 2009
  • I’ve been fighting a war with cancer for the past five years

What’s the intention of this blog and sharing my story with the world? My goal is to inspire one person to change their outlook on life. My goal is to inspire one patient, parent, sibling, child, or friend to have the courage to make it through the tough time, the treatment, the surgeries, the waiting, the test results, the blood work, the poking the prodding, the crying, the ups and downs of being faced with morality. My goal is to inspire just one life to take comfort in knowing they’re not alone. My goal is to open up just one pair of eyes that the life we’ve been given is precious, and you don’t truly understand that until it’s threatened. My goal is to help teach the lessons I learned throughout my battle to help others take advantage of the life we’ve all been given.

I hope to inspire you.